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Printed circuit board Manufacturer, Photoplotting Established 1964  All types of Pcb, surface mount sm, PTH, SS single     single sided, PTH, IMS, ML multi layer printed circuit board  prototypes. Cheap high quality PCBs Printed circuit boards. 

Printed circuit boards tooled up from Gerber,JPG,DXF,and most common file types, or camera ready artworks either 2:1 or 1:1 std scale.

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Cupric Chloride:-

Cheap fast and easy to re-generate, either chemically or by electrolytic recovery.  Not suitable for PTH work as it readily attacks tin lead. Normal copper etching reaction is:-


Cu + CuCl2  >> Cu2Cl2


Simple chemical re-generation is possible by adding HCL and enough H2O2 to re oxidize the cuprous chloride to cupric chloride. Excess free peroxide in solution, especially when combined with elevated temperature can result in liberation of toxic fumes.  Given time or less time and air agitation the re oxidization will take place without the addition of the peroxide. 


Ferric Chloride




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