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Printed circuit board Manufacturer, Photoplotting Established 1964  All types of Pcb, surface mount sm, PTH, SS single     single sided, PTH, IMS, ML multi layer printed circuit board  prototypes. Cheap high quality PCBs Printed circuit boards. 

Printed circuit boards tooled up from Gerber,JPG,DXF,and most common file types, or camera ready artworks either 2:1 or 1:1 std scale.

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Two Pack Epoxy Solder Resist:-

This is the standard type of solder resist we use. Being a thermally cured ink it is possible to have a very high level of pigmentation resulting in its easily distinguishable richer colour. Nick named Two Pack from the two components namely, Resin and Catalyst from which a working mix is made. To enable the best protection ink is used very thick and screened with a course silk screen mesh. This has the combined effect of increasing the thickness of the Resist layer. The main drawback with this type of Solder Resist is that it takes over a hour at 120C to fully cure. Can be used down to 6 thou clearance but to avoid problems more in the order of 12 to 15 thou is advised. With a tight clearance you risk bleeding of solder resist onto the pads.





UV Solder Resist The Process's



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