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Printed circuit board Manufacturer, Photoplotting Established 1964  All types of Pcb, surface mount sm, PTH, SS single     single sided, PTH, IMS, ML multi layer printed circuit board  prototypes. Cheap high quality PCBs Printed circuit boards. 

Printed circuit boards tooled up from Gerber,JPG,DXF,and most common file types, or camera ready artworks either 2:1 or 1:1 std scale.

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FR4  Data Sheet :-                                             STD PCB Material / laminate


FR4 Laminate Typical Values

Thermal Stress, Solder bath 288 deg. C


Dimensional Stability, E-2/150

<0.04% Warp/fill

<1.00% Bow/Twist

Flammability, Classification UL94


Water Absorption E-1/105


Peel Strength After Thermal Stress

11 lb./in After 10s/288 Deg. C

Flexural Strength

100,000 lbf/inČ Lengthwise

75,000 lbf/inČ Crosswise

Resistivity After Damp Heat Volume

10 ^8 M ohms cm

Resistivity After Damp Heat Surface

10 ^8 M ohms

Dielectric Breakdown. Parallel to laminate


Dielectric Constant @ 1MHz


Dissipation Factor @ 1MHz


Q-Resonance @ 1 MHz


Q-Resonance @ 50 MHz


Arc Resistance

125 s

Glass Transition Temperature

135 Deg. C

Temperature Index

130 Deg. C

A Few Other Relevant Facts from other Sources

Specific Gravity


Rockwell Hardness (M scale)


Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

11 microns/m/Deg.C Lengthwise

15 microns/m/Deg.C Crosswise

Thermal Conductivity

2.2-2.5 cal/h. cm Deg C


BT Epoxy Data

FR4 Laminate



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