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P.J.Unwin Pre-School Gallery 2.

March 1939.  Shop:  548- 550 Langsett Rd., Hillsborough Sheffield.  The narrow passage on right leads to the pledge office in a room at the back where parcels were "pledged".  When  Robert (my father) became a partner the premises were refurbished as shown below.
April 1939.  The "& Son"  was appended to the name and the interior was modernised.   Robert F.B. wanted to run-down the pawnshop,  JRU would not agree but so
they became Drapers, Outfitters, Jewellers and pawnbrokers.


Silver Jubilee 1935:   Pawnshop Customers at a street party when they sat down for a meal at long trestle tables in
 the street and exchanged bawdy tales.  
Sara Bradshaw and Lizzie Kay,  Pop Shop "Majors"
who for tuppence a parcel, took their neighbours parcels to the pledge-office in a pram and haggled for the best price.

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